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Priscilla Presley and Jim Stafford exhibit a remarkable miniature horse in a segment of the ABC Television Network’s new prime time series, “Those Amazing Animals.” 1980—1981.
Priscilla Presley dressed up for her graduation at Immaculate Conception High School, Memphis, TN, May 29, 1963.
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Priscilla Beaulieu with her father, Joseph and brother, Donald, c. 1958.
Priscilla Presley, c. 1969.
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Priscilla Presley, 1985 photo shoot.
"I have been approached by more men in my career, looking at me like you are the luckiest son of a gun in the world and Priscilla is one of the reasons they say that. She was the softest person… She just personifies the perfect woman. She was wonderful. We obviously hit it off very well. It was a dream to have her on the show, it was an absolute dream; makes all of us pale in comparison. To come from that relationship with Elvis Presley and then just be the most down to earth, almost shy, self-effacing person, she was just absolutely fantastic to work with." -Patrick Duffy on working with Priscilla Presley (via ladypresley)

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STUNNING portrait that Priscilla gave to Elvis
Priscilla Beaulieu with Elvis Presley in Los Angeles, CA at Will Rogers State Beach, March 2, 1963.