Anonymous: so I want to replicate Priscilla's 1960s makeup, can explain a tutorial for it? I know she wore a lot of eyeliner but I would like more information.

I recommend watching this video tutorial i think is most accurate.  But I will explain some tips.

- For the eyes, Priscilla mainly used pastel color eye shadow (white, pink, or light blue). The smokey eye wasn’t used during that time to try not to mix any colors together, you will only need ONE color for the entire eyelid.
However if you want to modernize it like this girl did in the video, is fine.

- Now for eyeliner & lashes, you will need blackest color eyeliner you have. Put eyeliner on top lid (creating the cat eye) and bottom lid. If you really want that 1960’s look, draw another eyeliner on the eyelid crease. Like she did here. Afterwards comes in the mascara, put on as many coats it takes for your lashes to stay up. Let them dry for a few seconds then add on double pair of false lashes.

- Cheeks & Lips, most common blush color she used was a pale pink color, as well as her lips called an Icy pink. Priscilla also used lip liner, you can use light brown or red.

Hopefully this information was helpful, if wasn’t in such a rush I would go into more detail but I think the video is the best I can do for now. If you still have more questions feel free to ask! :)

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Priscilla Beaulieu Presley in her car, 1974.

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Priscilla Presley in Las Vegas getting ready to leave with Elvis for their honeymoon. May 1, 1967.

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Girlfriend & Muse

Priscilla Ann Presley (née Wagner/Beaulieu) [24.05.45]
“I was always hidden away, I was always the girl at home, ‘the girl he left behind’ and all of a sudden everyone wanted to know who was Priscilla Beaulieu?”

"If you think about what the world would have been like without an Elvis, then you have to think ‘What kind of world would the Elvis world have been like without a Priscilla?’" - Joan Esposito.

"Priscilla used to dress up as a vampire. With that black hair and dark eyes she made a very convincing vampire. Then she’d turn off the lights and chase us around the dark house. Those were good times." - David Stanley.

"For some reason I saw her as a bird. I wrote it for her. We were in the car and I let her hear a rough cut of it and she started crying. I knew she would because it’s an emotional song…it’s her favorite song." - Lisa Marie Presley on her song ‘Raven’.

"Of all the women in my life, she definitely has the most beautiful face. Her features are classic." -Elvis Presley on Priscilla.

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Priscilla Presley, January 1972.

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