Priscilla Presley, c. 1965.

"Styles in Memphis are always about six months to a year behind those in California. When Priscilla would return to Graceland wearing the latest fashions from California, Patsy and I and the wives and girlfriends of the guys would want to wear the same styles. Just as the guys let Elvis be the pacesetter in their clothing styles and in many of the things they did, the girls copied Priscilla." - Becky Yancey, author of ‘My Life With Elvis.’ 

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The photograph of Priscilla’s biological father, Jimmy Wagner that she secretly wore in a locket as her “guardian angel”.

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Elvis and Priscilla Presley in Oahu, Hawaii, May 27, 1968.

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Lisa Marie during her 4th birthday with mother, Priscilla Presley at Beverly Hills, CA, home, February 1, 1972.

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Elvis, Priscilla, and Lisa Marie Presley spend a summer in Graceland along with Ann Beaulieu and brothers, c. 1969.

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